towards eridan’s epsilon, 2018-2474

Colored drawings on paper, 17×25 cm, technic, pen gel ink ballpoint (framed 23×32 cm)

The 101 drawings illustrate the spaceship travel towards the epsilon of Eridan. The coloured images accompanied by sentences narrate of a place inspired by the perception of the astronauts on the way to their destination. These works are based on the novel ‘Towards the Epsilon of Heridan’ of the Albanian author Arion Hysenbegas published in 1983, re-issued in its complete version in 2018 and discovered by chance by the artist. Each drawing, dated 2018 – 2474, is a temporal trace which gives a further perception of the narration’s chronologie.
The date 2018 marks the beginning of this project realised by the artist and 2474 corresponds with the year in which the characters of the book undertake their adventure. The drawings do not describe the narrative but they create a parallel imaginary story – translating the freedom of visual imagination provided by literature, they reveal the possibilities of relationship between humans and space.