this is a castle









2010, installation composed by 14 photo, variable dimension, 10 paintings 50×70, video diary 12’41” and book diary by Denis Isaia.

Asking himself “How many Ferdinand Chevals will there be in Albania in future?”, Driant Zeneli invited the gallerist Ida Pisani and the curator Denis Isaia to follow him on a journey through the new castles of Albania. He asked the gallerist to photograph him and, in turn, to be photographed by her in front of these new constructions, leaving it to the curator to interpret the story of this experience in a diary. The project tells the story of the social, commercial, and architectural changes that are sweeping through the country after the fall of the Communism, and of the imbalances that are moving from the west towards the south and east, only to return in a sinister new form.

Denis Isaia

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